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About Us


Texas Born and Bread Marketers. We’re Different & We Like It That Way.

About Us

Texas Born and Bread Marketers. We’re Different.

We all have origin stories. Our story starts with a few young professional marketers and the desire to go beyond the standard. There is the saying that goes, “if you think that you can do it better…do it”. So we did. Sontanax was born out of the desire to provide great service without regard to the invoice amount.

Today we work with partners across multiple industries and provide multiple services. Regardless of the engagement, it all starts with a Digital Strategy. This could result in us recommending SEO services, Content Marketing, Paid Search, etc. No matter what, it will always be custom-tailored to your organization. We can’t wait to partner with you.



Our services are Designed to provide a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing.

Digital Strategy

Price: Starting at $1,400

Data Analytics

Price: Starting at $700

Content Marketing

Price: Starting at $1,000

Conversion Rate Optimization

Price: Starting at $600

Custom Packages: Starting at $850

Hourly Projects Available: Call for More Information

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